PCB Pooling

Cost-efficient solutions for your PCB production

What is PCB pooling?

PCB pooling is a smart way to cut down the production costs of printed circuit boards. By teaming up with other customers, you share the setup costs of a PCB production batch, combining your projects on a shared production board. It’s a cost-effective and efficient solution for small volume needs.

Your advantages with PCB pooling

  • Cost savings: Share setup fees with others to reduce your production costs
  • Quality: Benefit from high-quality printed circuit boards that comply with industry standards.
  • Flexibility: Choose from following specifications that suit your project.
  • Speed: Get your prototypes and small batches faster with optimized production times.

pcbwhiz pooling requirements (MOQ 3 Pieces)

PCB Pooling Block
Note: PCB pooling services are subject to specific design and quantity requirements. The lead times and pricing are dependent on the pooling specifications chosen.